Should we install Air Sterilizers indoors?

Should we install Air Sterilizers indoors?

Why are air sterilisers recommended indoors?

Wearing face masks is essential to protect us from Covid-19 (Corona Virus) Recently, many countries have relaxed the mask mandate, including indoor areas. It may seem like we are at the end of the tunnel, but that does not mean that we should let our guard down. This is because we are still far from being immune to it. With new variants of covid-19 (Corona Virus) being mutated constantly, the host may be asymptomatic even though they are infected. Asymptomatic Covid-19 carriers may not know they are infected and continue to go about their day travelling to many places thus potentially increasing the radius of infection.

Frequently visited places such as offices, supermarkets, retail shops, restaurants, etc will become Covid-19 hotspots. This would pose a risk for those who work there and others who visit these premises. According to previous case studies, Covid-19 (Corona Virus) spreads around via the air condition ducts from floor to floor, spreading it rapidly throughout the premises. The staff who works in these premises cannot avoid its exposure but to bare the risk. Authorities with power can help provide a sense of protection for their employee’s well-being by finding a cost-effective and efficient solution.

A solution to reduce the risk of transmission of viruses and bacteria is to disinfect the entire room in Real Time and permanently, with low maintenance e.g., without the need to change any filters. The ideal way to control and confine the spread of viruses is to have less air circulation around the premise while sterilizing the area.

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