Of late there had been more concern that the Coronavirus can be spread through airborne transmission.

This had been acknowledged by a few researchers from various universities and being broadcasted and published by a few reputable TV Channels and News media.

In their reports, the Coronavirus spreads most commonly in the air through droplets and small particles that can remain suspend in the air and inhaled.

The smaller particles, known as aerosol, are produced when a person coughs, sneezes, sings, talk or breathes, and it can be inhaled into someone’s nose or mouth, and from there into the lungs.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in USA (CDC), general indoor setting without good ventilation could increase the risk of contagion due to aerosol/droplets in the air. For example, in an enclosed space with poor ventilation, a person who was breathing heavily while singing or exercising.

The aerosol and droplets thus produced may remain suspended in the air and can infect people who are nearby.

That is why WHO had encourage us to protect ourselves by staying at least 6 feet apart, wear a facemask that cover nose and mouth, and wash hand frequently.

But in reality, there are people who do not like to, or are unable to wear facemask for medical or other reasons. These people may be carriers of the virus with no visible symptoms.

What will happen if these people sneeze, cough or breathe heavily and this happens in the office, restaurants, cafes, elevator or confined spaces?

What if we have a means of bringing down these droplets and aerosol or kill the virus to reduce the chance of spreading?

We are proud to introduce the Air Sterilizer by using Dehne’s Non Thermal Plasma Technology. This air sterilizer is able to disinfect the surrounding air, and is effective against Corona Viruses, Influenza viruses and Rhinoviruses.

Our basic model is effective for rooms up to 600 sq. ft., while our other models are suitable for use in Elevators, Public Transportation and etc.

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